Star Shepherds

Star Shepherds

My father had German shepherds in the military.  He brought some back from Germany before my time, but the love and respect he had for them was imparted into me from my earliest memory.  The dogs they had were not angle/roach backs - they were large and straight back.  We also had them growing up - again they were not angle/roach backs, but nice strong straight backs.  And he spent a lot of money in the day for them.  

Star Shepherds is interested in the "preservation and improvement" of the "original" large boned, straight back German working-line dogs that originated in Europe.  Although, I know large breeds are prone to hip problems, I personally believe all the hip problems in this magnificent breed are not because of "American" bloodlines, but because of all the breeding over the years that has caused the disfigurement and the angle/roach back we see today - causing shorter back legs.  I do realize the dogs do a "stance" and "pose" like that for pictures, but there is a difference between the dogs posing like that and the dogs actually having an angle or a roach back.    

We breed for health and temperament, and to find the perfect companion for you!  We are currently in transition right now, as our older dogs are about to retire and our younger stars are raising up. 

Our current upcoming breeders will all be required to be OFA'd and DM tested. Also our long term goal is to have them all trained and titled which we are starting to work on.   I had always wanted to do this, but had not had the time for this as I was focusing on my oldest graduating high school as the Valedictorian, and getting her off to College - yes I am a very proud momma :)  




We have puppies
born Jan 3, 2014
Gabby and Ranger

Halli and Panzer
born April 7, 2014
see our facebook page for current updates:


                                                                                                        Panzer, Halli, Rosey










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