Star Shepherds

Star Shepherds

                                                                We have puppies still available
                                                                          Rosy and Arek
                                                                         Born November 5, 2014
                                                               1 female available - black/red plush coat
                                                                      1 male available - black/red

Gabriella Von Nonenmacher                                    Panzer Vom Sir Samson Von Der Held


                                                    see our facebook page for current updates:


Star Shepherds is interested in the "preservation and improvement" of the "original" large boned, straight back German working-line dogs that originated in Europe.  Although, I know large breeds are prone to hip problems, I personally believe all the hip problems in this magnificent breed are not because of "American" bloodlines, but because of all the breeding over the years that has caused the disfigurement and the angle/roach back we see today - causing shorter back legs. 

We breed for health and temperament, and to find the perfect companion for you!  We are currently in transition right now, as our older dogs are about to retire and our younger stars are rising up. 

All pups are DM free.  All current younger breeders are OFA'd and DM tested, and any "Rising Stars" will be OFA'd and DM tested.
















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